PKM Bump


PKM Consulting develops and commercialise its own range of bump stops for competition vehicles’ dampers.

That range is developed around different inner diameter (12.5mm / 14.5mm / 16.5mm) in order to fit various dampers.

  • Make the most of PKM Consulting’s experience
  • Enjoy the market’s best price/performance ratio
  • Make use of tried and tested material


  • Standard models dimensions
  • Height: 15mm
  • Outer diameter: 32mm
  • Height/Motion-Ride ratio above 60%

Custom-made bump stops: on demand

40SH 50SH 60SH 70SH 80SH 90SH
ø 12.5mm REF125-32-15-40 REF125-32-15-50 REF125-32-15-60 REF125-32-15-70 REF125-32-15-80 REF125-32-15-90
ø 14.5mm REF145-32-15-40 REF145-32-15-50 REF145-32-15-60 REF145-32-15-70 REF145-32-15-80 REF145-32-15-90
ø 16.5mm REF165-32-15-40 REF165-32-15-50 REF165-32-15-60 REF165-32-15-70 REF165-32-15-80 REF165-32-15-90

In order to adapt your bump rubbers to your requirements and to better control your vehicle’s aerodynamical platform, we have 6 types of hardness available (40 Sh / 50 Sh / 60 Sh / 70 Sh / 80 Sh / 90Sh).

PKM Bump stops force curves examples:



This wire bump range is developed arround twi inner diameter (12.5mm / 14.5mm).

Feature :

  • standard model dimension
  • Height : 19 mm
  • Inner diameter : 33 mm
ø 12.5mm REF125-32-19-ME
ø 14.5mm REF145-32-19-ME

Examples of wire bump curves: