With the development of POWERSHOCK™, PKM Consulting has revolutionized dampers.

Basic principles

The POWERSHOCK™ technology allows to use a part of absorption forces to generate electricity.

On combustion engine, POWERSHOCK™ allows to reduce the alternator’s work and therefore reduce fuel consumption.

On hybrid and electric engine, POWERSHOCK™ allows to limit electric consumption and therefore to increase autonomy.

Main advantages

  • Eco-technology
  • Reducing consumption
  • Improving thermal engine’s output
  • Easy integration of POWERSHOCK™ technology
  • Maintaining options for dampers’ setup

Video of POWERSHOCK technology on our dyno with Rally-Raid dampers.

This video shows how energy is collected and directly connected to front headlights.


POWERSHOCK™ is a solution to save fuel or increase autonomy and can be used in several industries (thermal, hybrid, electric…):

  • automotive
  • motorbike
  • defence
  • carriers (tow trucks)
  • trains
  • buses and coaches