P30 Damper



Highly technical product designed with all the knowledge of PKM Consulting on the different circuits of the world.
Bi-Tube damper, through rod with Ø 30mm piston and Ø 12mm rod.
Used on the prototypes, the most performing single-seaters in the world, this product is now a reference.
Multiple winner of the most important endurance races in the world (24H du Mans, Sebring, Daytona …)


Technical characteristics

Damper: Bitube
Main piston : Piston diameter 30 mm
Rod: 12 mm diameter available in steel or titanium


Low speed compression
High speed compression
Low speed expansion
High speed expansion
Blow off (optional)
Regressive blow off (option)
Preload adjustment
Sequential damping (option)



Seals, piston, tube and damper cap with low friction technology.
Blow off, regressive blow off, sequential damping, third hydraulic element.


Strong points

Reliability and endurance.
Ultra light
Very compact
Independence of each adjustment
Adjustment range
Possibility of zeroing
Permanent stock of parts available for evolution or revision

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